“So you’re ready to take the plunge.
Ready to translate your quest into action!

Without defining yourself, and certainly without boxing yourself into one particular rigid way of doing theology or church, you’re ready to become emergent. You have a username and clever screen name picked out at Emergent Village, and maybe you’ve even begun having church in an empty warehouse in the industrial sector of your city.

If so, good for you! But those are just the first, baby steps in your journey (your dance, if you will) into Kinda Christianity. This book will help you along the rest of your uniquely creative path to super-terrific self-discovery.”

-from the introduction

Blue Like Jazz. The New Christians. Velvet Elvis. A New Kind of Christianity. The Story In Which We Find Ourselves (er...The Story We Find Ourselves In). These are all important books for emergent Christians to read...or at least to be able to say they’ve read. But, deep as they may be, they aren’t much help to the aspiring emergenteer.

I mean, so you’ve slogged your way through A Generous Orthodoxy. Now what? Sure, you can nonchalantly drop into a conversation your newly aquired claim to Roman Catholic, Calvinist, Pentecostal, and Anabaptist heritage (even while rejecting all of their main tenets). But when the conversation ends—and, sadly, it will end—are you really any more emergent?

No. That’s because these books are fish. And as delicious as fish are (provided they’re not caught by a commercial vessel), they only feed you for a day. And each gives you diminishing returns. Only one book teaches you to cast the line of incarnational community into the depths of the wildly diverse sea and reel in endless bucketsfull of genuine authenticity.

In Kinda Christianity: A Generous, Fair, Organic, Free-Range Guide to Authentic Realness, Ted Kluck and Zach Bartels equip you to dance as an emergent Christian in the dried up river bed that we call LIFE.

This ground-breaking book covers the following topics (listed from most important to least):

  • Fashion
  • Personal Grooming
  • Finding the Right Workspace
  • Choosing an Emergent Vehicle
  • Naming Your Church
  • Acheiving the Right Atmosphere
  • Your Internet Space
  • People You Like
  • People You Don’t Like
  • Dealing With Critics
  • Diet
  • Places to Be Seen (and not seen)
  • Hobbies
  • Theology

As you can see, this is a nearly-exhaustive look at all the meat on the bones of emergent. And to aid you in your quest, we also include 16 illustrations, emergent quizzes, and more!

What are you waiting for?


Available in paperback and Kindle editions.

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