Episode 132, “Jordache and Jordans”


Our first virtual live event.

 00:15:15  Pete Ford:#GotTedOnZoom
 00:33:56  Gut Check:Who's still being loud? And how is it Wampus??
 00:34:13  Erin Bartels:I think it has to be TED.
 00:37:43  Grant Smith:Whats the go with Tim Van Low over here on an exercise bike during the Zoom call #nodaysoff
 00:38:08  DLMitchell:I think he's actually powering the zoom call himself. #100PercentGreenEnergy
 00:38:20  Cody:I have a question when I stop driving in a few min
 00:39:27  Tim Van Loh:I'm a multi-tasker
 00:40:00  Zachariah Vercruyssen:Even more impressively, Tim's exercise bike seems to double as his office chair. powerful
 00:41:23  Tim Van Loh:FitDesk -- https://www.amazon.com/FitDesk-v3-0-Desk-Extension-White/dp/B01979OIVG/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=fitdesk&qid=1589311596&sr=8-8
 00:49:40  Zachariah Vercruyssen:this episode of Dangerous Jobs with Cody is 👌👌👌
 00:50:58  Grant Smith:“Where in the world is Cody San Diego”
 00:51:47  Grant Smith:It appears that he’s out to diffuse a device placed by Luke Wampus.
 00:51:51  DLMitchell:Between Cody's exploits, Tim's biking, and Erin's "Rick-Steves"-style walking tour, I feel like I'm really letting the Zoom call down.
 00:52:25  Cody:I'm stopped so I got one
 00:52:29  Pete Ford:Also, Erin’s empty desk looks like the Rapture happened
 00:52:30  Grant Smith:Not at all DL, that beard > walking. No offence Erin.
 00:53:30  easyasmdb:Erin looks either like a music video or that part of a movie where the girl finding herself walks along as the hit single plays.
 00:54:57  Erin Bartels:I was outside with my son because there was a National Guard flyby.
 00:55:22  Zachariah Vercruyssen:I'll let you guys behind the curtain to see my shared office space shortly
 00:55:32  Grant Smith:Cody - still no sign of Luke Wampus?
 00:57:31  Cody:I got the device secured. Wampus can't take this call over
 00:57:58  easyasmdb:any good new energy drinks?
 00:58:06  Grant Smith:Everyone needs saving, even Wampus
 00:58:20  DLMitchell:#FlattenTheWampus
 01:03:19  Pete Ford:Ted Strongbow: “Why are we still muted?”
 01:03:24  Wayne Kiehne:I can’t unmute myself, but I have a couple questions
 01:03:50  Cody:Got a question for ya Bedford I get back on the road
 01:05:11  DLMitchell:Underrated Brad Pitt performance: "12 Monkeys"v
 01:05:27  Erin Bartels:12 Monkeys!!
 01:05:29  Chris Ragsdale:12 monkeys
 01:05:54  Grant Smith:Non family epic: “Se7en”
 01:06:02  Chris Ragsdale:has Pitt and willis
 01:06:16  easyasmdb:Easy to hate apparently, but Babel.
 01:06:47  Pete Ford:I accidentally watched Se7en at my bachelor party
 01:08:51  Erin Bartels:A River Runs Through It
 01:08:59  easyasmdb:Seven Years in Tibet for just aesthetically pleasing Brad
 01:09:08  Erin Bartels:Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
 01:09:11  DLMitchell:A movie I enjoyed at the time that is likely a turd in actuality and I wouldn't enjoy rewatching: "The Devil's Own" with Harrison Ford. Brad is an IRA terrorist.
 01:09:11  Grant Smith:Fitness Goals - Brad Pitt in Snatch
 01:10:36  DLMitchell:It was entirely overlong, but I found Brad's performance in "Jesse James" pretty good.
 01:10:54  DLMitchell:Taco Review. Easy.
 01:11:17  Grant Smith:“Forgot the Syrup” gets me everytime
 01:11:18  Zachariah Vercruyssen:all the Israel eps are 👌
 01:11:43  Pete Ford:The Israel eps make me nostalgic back to when I went to Israel with Cliff
 01:12:59  Tim Van Loh:I love it when you have the wives on as well. I love listening to them laugh at/with you guys!
 01:13:36  DLMitchell:Nineties Studies is peak Gut Check.
 01:14:03  Pete Ford:Nineties Studies endures
 01:15:57  DLMitchell:Gut Check Presents: "Grant Smith's Australian ASMR Podcast"
 01:18:22  Gut Check:http://gutcheckpress.com/sadzoomroom/Rapture_Saga_Actual_excerpt.pdf
 01:19:50  DLMitchell:Episode title right there.
 01:21:21  Grant Smith:“Eating Steak Like A Gentlemen”
 01:21:29  Grant Smith:Matt Chan Steaks
 01:23:25  Pete Ford:If I remember right, Ted showed us a Rocky training montage before our final exam
 01:23:53  Erin Bartels:My fave ep was the glum one
 01:24:47  DLMitchell:I will never hear or read the word "glum" without thinking of Gut Check.
 01:25:13  Grant Smith:That’s also the same with “Oh Noooooo”
 01:25:38  DLMitchell:"Moguls"--that's another one.
 01:25:54  Grant Rose:I know I was late.. Classic time zone mix up. I just wanted you all to know that I listened to your ep of you guys and the ladies watching Die Hard before I ever saw the movie… Needless to say I enjoyed the ep more than the movie
 01:27:26  DLMitchell:There should be a Gut Check Commentary track on the new Downton movie.
 01:27:29  Kevin Thompson:I miss the energy drink reviews and eating a box of tacos - if we're talking fav eps
 01:27:57  Erin Bartels:http://gutcheckpress.com/sadzoomroom/Rapture_Saga_Actual_excerpt.pdf
 01:28:36  Grant Smith:I noticed a lot of shouting lines… No whispers…
 01:29:47  DLMitchell:You gotta unmute me, though.
 01:29:59  Pete Ford:I can’t unmute myself either
 01:30:26  Erin Bartels:Once we mute ourselves, apparently we cannot undo it
 01:32:17  Chris Ragsdale:gotta drop, wonderful time
 01:34:15  Grant Smith:SO dark
 01:39:15  DLMitchell:Death has an extra toe. Huh.
 01:52:18  Kevin Thompson:Sorry, my camera doesn't work on my laptop
 01:52:34  Cody:This was awesome, thanks boys!
 01:52:44  Cody:Yesssss!

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