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I Kissed Lanie Goodbye - This second white paper from our Gut Check Smackademic series is an insightful and edifying (?) look at all the guys Elaine dated on Seinfeld and what today’s Evangelicals can learn from these shipwrecked relationships.

Rocky IV White Paper - Gut Check Smackademic’s first publication. This (free) analytical paper / e-book is sure to stimulate your mind and your heart.

Kinda Christianity Extras - A study guide and additional content for fans and aspiring emergenteers.

“Pastor Zach’s Basement” Teaser Trailer - The web series has been postponed (our resources having been re-allocated to finishing up Facing Tyson), but the teaser trailer remains, titilating as ever.

Promotional Photos - You’ll probably fall all over yourself for a couple of high-class guys like us.

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