Ted KluckTed Kluck, Co-Founder, Secretary of the Interior: Ted Kluck is the author of many books, on topics ranging from Mike Tyson to the Emergent Church. Both Why We're Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church (with Kevin DeYoung) won Christianity Today Book of the Year awards, and Paper Tiger: One Athlete's Journey to the Underbelly of Pro Football won a Michigan Notable Book award in 2008. His work has also appeared in ESPN the Magazine and Christianity Today.

Ted has played professional indoor football, coached high school football, trained as a professional wrestler, served as a missionary, and taught writing courses at the college level. He lives in Grand Ledge, MI with his wife Kristin and sons Tristan and Maxim. He once owned a used Volvo and currently has a boxing ring in his basement. For more information, visit www.tedkluck.com

Zachary BartelsZachary Bartels, Co-Founder, Key Grip, Chaplain: Zach Bartels is a clergyman, a collector of vintage Evangelica, and absentee webmaster to far too many domains. His preaching has been recognized with multiple homiletical awards and acknowledged by his parishioners as really long-winded. His work regularly appears in a prestigious monthly church newsletter and on his blog, which is frequented by literally dozens of loyal readers. In addition, Zach has written a couple of spectacular ha-ha Gut Check books with Ted and recently signed a contract with HarperCollins Christian Publishing for his supernatural suspense novels, Playing Saint and the forthcoming The Last Con. He enjoys gourmet coffee, fine cigars, stimulating conversation, systematic theology, and occasionally climbing into Ted's boxing ring.

Zach lives in Lansing, MI with his wife Erin and son Calvin. You can visit his blog at www.zacharybartels.com.

Brad Atchison, V.P., Minister of Propaganda: Brad Atchison is a Job Developer for Volunteers of America. He's never written a book and knows nothing about publishing or advertising. However, he does have a stellar beard. A former Pastoral Intern at University Reformed Church (where he studied under Kevin DeYoung), Brad hopes some day to go to seminary and become a pastor.

Brad loves great beer, good pipe tobacco, football, writing, biblical and systematic theology, movies, comics, video games, and automatic rifles (one of which he hopes to one day fire). He’s currently working on a dispensational thriller with Zach and Ted and joining forces with Zach on his blog.