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Facing Tyson: 15 Fighters, 15 Stories
5 hours, 7 minutes

What's It Like To Step into the Ring with One of the Most Devastating Hitters of All Time?

Facing Tyson gives a ringside view of the world's most dangerous and notorious boxer. Brutal, controversial, and always newsworthy both inside and outside the ring, Mike Tyson remains a cultural icon to this day. Despite the personal, legal, and mental problems that have overshadowed his celebrated boxing career, he continues to make headlines as a fascinating, yet extremely flawed character. Several of the era's biggest names in boxing, including Pinklon Thomas, Tyrell Biggs, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis were interviewed by author Ted A. Kluck specifically for Facing Tyson. Each opponent gives his account of what it was like to face the most feared and loathed boxer at different stages of his career.

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