Praise for Facing Tyson:

“In Facing Tyson Kluck tells [the fighters’] stories with skill, insight, and extraordinary compassion.”
- Schuler Books
“Facing Tyson by Ted A. Kluck is subtitled Fifteen Fighters, Fifteen Stories, and there the author lets himself down. There are a lot more than 15 stories, because in each case we get not just the boxer's journey but the tales of those who travelled with him: parents, family, trainers and promoters.”
- London Telegraph
“Kluck masterfully weaves profiles of all of these men, adeptly relating all he writes about them to their fight(s) with Tyson. It is no easy task, but Kluck does a commendable job.”
- The Sweet
“Kluck writes with insight about a sport that is often maligned and misunderstood, and finds a way to humanize its warriors.”
- Lansing City Pulse
“Kluck presents a raw, vulgar yet consistently riveting look at boxing as seen through the eyes of Tyson’s contemporaries—the effect is fascinating.”
- Tampa Tribune
“What we get are 15 fascinating stories that capture the Tyson era—mainly from the loser’s point of view—far more than any self-serving autobiography could.”
- The Sunday Business Post, Dublin

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