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Episode 189 | Mail Bag (5/26/2023)

This week: the boys give away the Saddelback bag, hire and promote a new employee, and read some mail.

Episode 188 | Grammatical At-Oddsness (5/16/2023)

This week:

  • Energy Drink Review: Jocko Go
  • Wharf Guy vs. Beach Guy
  • Our unsustainable pace
  • Movies we’d watch without the inciting incident

Episode 187 | Off Our Rockers (5/11/2023)

This week: Glumness vs. Gut Check

Episode 186 | Let’s Get Started. (5/2/2023)

This week:

  • Energy drink reviews: G Fuel: Tetris Blast and Power Pellet Cherry Lollypop
  • What kind of video game kids were we?
  • We've never had a sleepover
  • Vegetarianism as tiny house

Episode 185 | The End of the Road (4/25/2023)

In this milestone episode:

  • Vibe-killing waiters
  • That's a re-rap on Gut Check Literacy Month.

Episode 184 | Radio Gets Results (4/18/2023)

In this very-special Bag Episode:

  • Energy Drink Review: Monster Reserve Kiwi-Strawberry
  • A bunch of call-backs to last week's patreon ep (sorry)
  • Toy-talk
  • A leather love-triangle (don't google that)
  • Vital transformation rituals

Episode 183 | We Are the Target Demo (4/11/2023)

Live taping of AMA with some Gut Check VIPs.

Episode 182 | Candy, but at Some Distance (3/29/2023)

This week:

  • Energy Drink Review: Ghost Sour Patch Kids
  • Ted Kluck, Science Schmuck
  • Were we ever an age when anyone wanted to see our thighs?
  • Regenerate tween dirtbags
  • That's why they call Zach Double-Down

Episode 181 | A Bag for a Bag (3/22/2023)

This week:

  • Trench Finger
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Overcoming naythinkers
  • KK Evolutions
  • Critiquing critics

Episode 180 | The Big T Monologues (3/13/2023)

This week:

  • Exciting Frandor encounters!
  • Kirk Cameron is boyishly handsome
  • A formal apology
  • Meeting kids at Hot Topic
  • Penultimate Gut Check Literacy installment

Episode 179 | S.A.S. (3/6/2023)

This week:

  • Saddleback loopholes
  • A weird thing about Tennessee white people
  • Unpacking overpacking
  • You People was the most Millennial movie ever.

Episode 178 | Things That Make You Go Huh (2/27/2023)

This week:

  • Bag Unboxing
  • Nunchuks vs. Switchblades
  • One more C4 Energy Drink Review
  • We're in Every Market
  • That Little Rascal Is Up to Something

Episode 177 | Radio Uterus (2/20/2023)

This week:

  • Carnosyn, by DuPont
  • Grumpy old men and physical media
  • Bag update
  • Wharf-Curious

Episode 176 | It's Hitting My Brain-Pan as We Speak (2/15/2023)

This week:

  • Where is Ted's bag??
  • Energy drink review: C4 Peach Mango
  • Camp for grownups
  • The joy of crappy TV
  • Listener Email
  • A curveball from the randomizer

Episode 175 | We're Expecting! (2/7/2023)

This week:

  • Desk blotters and cool offices
  • Panama Jack: Never Forget
  • Kluckstack
  • Don't murder your darlings
  • Energy drink review: C4 Freedom Ice

Episode 174 | Lashin'23 (1/31/2023)

This week:

  • New conference idea
  • We're talking about bug eyes
  • Nothing wrong with Muncie
  • Se7en cases of SlimFast
  • Some KK stuff
  • Randomizer Failure

Episode 173 | Krapence None the Richer (1/24/2023)

This week:

  • At the risk of sounding weird, leather is so sensory
  • Paul Krapence is an American hero
  • Dressing your age and being one of the guys
  • Vengeance is a great movie (and it's on Amazon Prime now)

Episode 172 | Dark Crystal (1/18/2023)

This Week:

  • Leather lashing
  • The mystery keeps getting deeper and deeper
  • The Gentlemen was awesome
  • Beard stuff
  • An update on Ted's Wes Anderson's fandom
  • Marvel saturation

Episode 171 | Ninety Floats (1/11/2023)

This Week:

  • High-level deals
  • Online Reviews 101
  • Digitizer upgrades
  • Bonus float on your birthday!

Episode 170 | A Little Larceny in Us (1/4/2023)

This Week:

  • Monetizing Gut Check
  • White Christmas and leverage
  • Glass Onion (Spoilers)
  • Ted crushes things in his mind-vice
  • (The Patreon episode this week is way better)

Episode 169 | Lady Bird & Licorice Pizza (12/28/2022)

This week: it's a savage brawl for the indie movie prize belt.

Episode 168 | Changing Lanes (12/21/2022)

In the second half of our road trip:

  • Thermostat stuff
  • Kenny Loggins elevates Ted
  • Tom Cruise movies, ranked
  • Cameron Crowe movies, ranked

Episode 167 | It Was Shooter McGavin (12/14/2022)

In Part One of our road trip:

  • Join us for Die Hard!
  • Favorite athlete-turned-actors
  • We hate conservative men
  • Ted & Zach were in love with Mary Lou Retton

Episode 166 | All Gas, No Brakes (12/7/2022)

This week:

  • Ted has an Advent devotional
  • (Turns out it's too short to put on Kindle)
  • Ted is dabbling in boxing again
  • Zach and Ted are Cultural Elites
  • Comdedians going serious
  • What happened at the Post Office
  • Two chapters from re:raptured

Episode 165 | Just the Pitts (11/28/2022)

This week:

  • The Barattas counting cards
  • Who’s your hottest Brad?

BONUS EP: The Dog Lives Launch Event (11/18/2022)

Book launch event for the new Flex book, with Ted Kluck and Megan Elizabeth Baratta.

Episode 164 | Pure, Wholesome Radio (11/17/2022)

In this episode:

  • Dead guys out in the wild
  • Putting Patreon concerns to rest.
  • How to feel more smug
  • Offputting sculptures
  • Secretly liking Richard Marx
  • Another (couch) song!

Episode 163 | I Did It! I Smoked It! (11/17/2022)

In this episode:

  • New Cheveu song
  • Ted’s new hat and Zach's new jacket
  • Puke stories
  • Smoke shop etiquette
  • KK's first cigar

Episode 162 | Radio Cuckold (9/6/2022)

In this episode:

  • Flex 3: The Dog Lives update
  • We're kind of the bad girls of Patreon
  • We put the FUN in funds.
  • Sacrificing your family for the company.
  • What's the jar of rocks in your life?

Episode 161 | Radio Mavericks (6/10/2022)

In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss the new Top Gun movie and hash out some business.

Episode 160 | The Dog Lives! (3/21/2022)

In this episode:

  • Huge news!
  • Energy Drink Review: Nu Variant
  • Cutting out the middle man
  • T4G meetup?
  • Randomizer!
  • Thanks, Cody and Philip!
  • Gut Check Legal is BACK!

Episode 159 | Beige Digital Alarm Clock Song (2/10/2022)

In this episode, Ted and Zach:

  • Analyze the 1980s song "Look Away"
  • Mention Meatloaf in passing, not yet knowing that that's sad
  • Review Red Bull Blue and Red
  • Exercise self-restraint re: Gordon Lightfoot and holy writ
  • Continue Gut Check Literacy Month!

Episode 158 | Schlumpier and Greasier than Normal (2/10/2022)

In this episode:

  • Hiatus postmortem
  • Were stupid ideas more acceptable in the 90s?
  • Hackers is so bad it almost ends a 15-year friendship

Episode 157 | Lesce Is More (11/2/2021)

Gut Check gives back to the community.
Gut Check gives back.

Episode 156 | Soldiers of Fortune (10/16/2021)

In this episode:

  • Juggling Update
  • Energy Drink Review
  • Champions of male lactation
  • Ted's net worth
  • Ted and Zach finally take on the late Whitney Houston
  • More old man projects

Episode 155 | Tonight We Need Your Sweet Embrace (9/22/2021)

In this episode:

  • Great Steaks
  • Getting back in the sticker game
  • Ted “will be darned” a whole bunch
  • Sadie Hawkins Mishaps

Episode 154 | The Wreck of the Gut Check Podcast (8/12/2021)

In this episode:

  • The Gut Check Quarterly is OUT NOW!
  • New gizmo and dad jokes
  • Ted is super into politics now
  • Bad dates and awkward rage

Episode 153 | Hipster Autopsy (6/29/2021)

In this episode:

  • Energy Drink Review: C4, “Caution Tape to the Wind”
  • Burping out glumness
  • End-of-Trip Issues x 2
  • None of you are too good for the Cheesecake Factory
  • Big New Business Announcement
  • Chuck Palahniuk Is a Depressing Hack
  • Minor League Baseball is the antidote to Chuck Palahniuk
  • Ted is a Literary Extrovert

Episode 152 | Postlude (6/3/2021)

In this episode:

  • Gut Check Press: Catering to No One Since 2009
  • Covid as religion
  • New song by Cheveu!
  • Ted now wears a pair of large Elliot Gould glasses
  • The ’80s were Apex-Mountain for having a girlfriend

Episode 151 | Here’s Your VCR, Sir” (6/2/2021)

In this episode:

  • Ted's TV pilot
  • Rain, Rain on My Face...
  • Listening to other podcasts on our podcast
  • We act like we don't need the free Schlitz and they give us the Schlitz for free
  • Lots of strained, affected laughter
  • Jo Ann's Nostalgia
  • John Wick 3

Episode 150, “Big Garrett Energy” (6/1/2021)

In this episode:

  • Mukwano is better than the other coffee
  • Magazine photoshoot
  • Three Energy Drink Reviews
  • Randomizer
  • Fun Fact: “The Liturgists” is literally a satanic podcast (and Michael Gungor is a bot)
  • Ted invents an energy drink

Episode 149, “All Killer” (4/28/2021)

In this episode:

  • Awesome bespoke swag delivered
  • Over-earnest courting techniques
  • Audio Books
  • Magazine Update
  • A bit of a teaser
  • Lashing '90s Bible accessories

Episode 148, “All Filler” (4/28 /2021)

In this, the Weird Asian Website of podcasts:

  • Ted and Zach look at websites and check their e-mail
  • Juggling guys win us over
  • “Is this the good pink lighter or the bad one?”
  • Cool new swag promised

Episode 147, “The Real Heroes Here” (3/24/2021)

Zach and Ted finally unload about lockdowns. You'll hate it.

Episode 146, “Large Business Owners” (3/12/2021)

In this not-an-addendum:

  • A Custody Dispute
  • A cinematic excursus on the Ford Taurus
  • A turtleneck sponsorship opportunity
  • A murder
  • A new old man thing

Episode 145, “A Good Kind of Straining” (2/15/2021)

Ted and Zach are joined by Classy Grant in this intercontinental episode, in which they:

  • Open presents
  • Learn about Australia
  • Consider a new podcast idea
  • Make tentative Garfield-related plans
  • Fondly remember the fetishization of gross apartments

Episode 144, “Ol’ Duke and the Old Man” (1/29/2021)

In this episode

  • A call to follow @DukeMorrison99 (which no longer exists)
  • An interview with Duke Morrison
  • Celebrity and new converts
  • Cobra Kai, mortification, and parenting

Episode 143, “Zany Zach and the JOCK!” (1/19/2021)

In this episode:

  • Morning drivetime radio
  • Analyzing the lyrics of Meatloaf and GNR
  • We miss cigarette machines
  • Two men looking things up on Google and telling each other what they find

Episode 142, “Tip of the Mask” (1/12/2021)

In this episode:

  • Fiscal 2021 begins!
  • Tom Hanks dethrones Oprah
  • Emotionally manipulative tweet
  • Regional Strip Clubs and minor league baseball
  • Literacy Month

Episode 141, “Kid Kluck” (1/7/2021)

In this episode:

  • More on the Gut Check Quarterly
  • Big New Stalker!
  • Gut Check IPO
  • re:raptured

Episode 140, “Pirates and Pantyhose” (1/7/2021)

In this episode:

  • The Diarrhea and the Whimsy
  • The Gut Check Quarterly
  • The Origin of our Wharf Fascination
  • Yet more funeral planning
  • Wrestlers vs. Swimmers

Episode 139, “The Great People Podcast” (11/18/2020)

In this episode:

  • Huge Covid Guys
  • If the Gut Check Podcast were an instrument, it would be a saxophone
  • Go to (via
  • More funeral (and death) planning
  • Mukwano Coffee is still incredible!
  • Cobra Kai is bad—but great!—TV
  • Giving Carl Weathers and Stallone their due

Episode 138, “Beneath the Bubbles: Scent of a Woman” (9/29/2020)

In this episode:

  • Two grown men talking turkey, baths
  • Covid finger-wagging
  • A Hoo-ah for Every Occasion
  • Ted and Zach are doing better than Brendan Fraser
  • It’s always autumn at toney New England boys' schools.
  • Who on earth is still “quarantined?”
  • Ted and Zach fail to thematically connect bubble baths and essential oils with the actual Scent of actual Women

Episode 137, “Rock and Roll Is a Risk” (9/11/2020)

In this episode:

  • Secret Attic Families
  • Sing Street Review
  • Reviews of Josh H's movie reviews
  • Explosive revelations, two decades in the making
  • Duke Morrison, In Dewars
  • Ted writes Trump out of football history
  • Kristin would never poop on the bed
  • Makers
  • What is the Rage Against the Machine of different things?
  • A new (couch.) song

Episode 136½ - BONUS: Holy Smokes Podcast (8/26/2020)

Ted and Zach popped into the Holy Smokes Podcast to talk about The Christian Gentleman’s Smoking Companion and...James Dobson?

Episode 136, “Lousy with Leveraged Adorability” (8/25/2020)

In this double-header for mind, body, and soul:

  • Glumness debrief
  • Glumness revival
  • Man got your tongue?
  • Randomizer, Deferred
  • Buy our books
  • Contemplation fatigue
  • Literacy Month

Episode 135, “You Can’t Say Gynecology” (8/6/2020)

  • Movie theater picks
  • Energy drink review: Coca-Cola Energy
  • Indiana Jones is the patron saint of lashing
  • The leadership slimeball movement
  • Duke Morrison, In Dewars

Episode 134, “Gurkha vs. Gherkin” (7/21/2020)

  • Ted and Zach open presents
  • Lightening the mood is for jerks
  • Randomizer finds @FrVincentWriter and @MichaelGungor
  • Twitter's a toilet
  • Silverdome movie update
  • Smoking Zoom highlights
  • People want to be miserable

Episode 133, “Sallow, Defeated, and Wearing Surgical Gloves” (7/3/2020)

  • Live from the Gut Check Corporate Retreat:
  • Tactical knives, swaddling books, and bouncing with Daddy
  • Trying to sell books before the world ends
  • Ted's here for people going rogue
  • Zach's phone updates with COVID-19 tracking software live on the air (but he doesn't realize it)
  • The only responsible way to do various things
  • Literacy month begins to wind down

Episode 132, “Jordans and Jordache” (5/20/2020)

Our first virtual live event.

Episode 131, “A Huge Mock Turtleneck Episode” (4/26/2020)

  • In this double-stuffed installment:
  • Planning College Camp
  • Another episode of “Between the Covers”
  • Quarantine talk (but not too much)
  • Anatomy of a Yoda Tweet
  • #gottedontwitter
  • Ted starts saying “shout out to” instead of “tip of the hat to”
  • Bodyguard commentary
  • Literacy month

Episode 130, “The Old Normal” (4/1/2020)

  • Super-8: Superneck
  • Kinda Christianity turns TEN
  • re:raptured again
  • Oh, and it is “Jericho Books”

Episode 129, “Happy-Sad” (3/25/2020)

  • How are you doing with all this, buddy?
  • A guy pointing at another guy in a way that implies deep affection
  • Happy-Sad movies
  • Vapid Is Trending

Episode 128, “Halted Squeaky Sound” (3/13/2020)

The whole world may be closed, but the Gut Check Podcast is still open for business! In this special quarantine episode: In this episode:
  • Mukwano Coffee
  • Mystery gifts
  • Lots of re:raptured again!

Episode 127, “The Charm-Despair Continuum” (3/10/2020)

In this episode:
  • New coffee sponsor
  • Swole-o-Flex
  • Movie set experiences
  • Charm vs. Despair in film
  • Grandpa Prepwork

Episode 126, “Flu” (2/21/2020)

In this episode:
  • Celebrating Cahon Man
  • Farewell Hec Legares
  • Fetishizing Blue Collar Culture
  • Are Calvinists Mostly Jerks?
  • Literacy Month

    Episode 125, “I Gawt Her Numbah...” (2/3/2020)

    In this episode: A lengthy discussion of apples, JVI retrospective, re:raptured, Randomizer, Footwear Update

    Episode 124½ BONUS:“Netflix & Chips” (1/19/2020)

    In this bonus crossover episode, Ted calls into These Go to Eleven to talk about the value of TV watching, as well as rejection.

    Episode 124, “Die Hard 2: The Kevin Barnes Story” (1/7/2020)

    In this episode: Welcome to the tenth annual Gut Check Christmas Party. Tonight we will be viewing Die Hard 2.

    Episode 123, “Ted Blushes” (1/7/2020)

    In this episode:
    • Secret projects
    • Randomizer, reborn
    • Hipsters Come Full Circle
    • Two Chapters of re:raptured again

    Episode 122, “Ted Blushes” (11/20/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Reviews of Ted’s new book
    • Reminiscing about old projects
    • Updates on new projects
    • The return of Gut Check Literacy Month!

    Episode 121, “Cease and Desist” (11/4/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Shvitz debrief
    • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    • A knockoff Gut Check Podcast
    • Gut Check takes Scandinavia

    Episode 120, “The Ninetiesest” (10/19/2019)

    In this episode: The last night of the corporate retreat, we all bare our most shameful secrets and then re-record a modern classic.

    Episode 119, “The Delicate Mystery of It All” (10/4/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Downton movie analysis
    • Chuck Webis is our Ron Swanson
    • The Randomizer branches out
    • The Gut Check Army sheds some dead weight

    Episode 118, “The 'Mib, the 'Peens, and a Full Complement of Toes” (9/10/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Erin is engaged
    • Ricky Scott is quick on Twitter
    • Another angelic painting
    • We're huge in two more countries
    • Low-energy energy drink reviews
    • Kristin hates nature

    Episode 117½, “These Go to Gut Check” (8/23/2019)

    BONUS EP: Hear Ted and Zach on this episode of “These Go to Eleven” (, discussing Ted’s new book with Nathan, and whether recent apostasies should mark the end of New Calvinism (?!)

    Episode 117, “Big New Book!” (8/16/2019)

    In this episode: gifts are given, a classic painting gets an update, the randomizer is retooled.

    Episode 116, “Such a Wonderful Pair” (8/7/2019)

    In this episode, you're still in the van with Ted and Zach, discussing nautical lashing, romantic comedies, dating gameshows, and fawning reviews.

    Episode 115, “Desperados” (7/23/2019)

    In this supersized episode:
    • A corporate breakup
    • Sears nostalgia
    • Two energy drink reviews
    • Another new product invented!
    • Ted goes back to the future
    • Hot-Take Drisky and daddy wounds
    • Mayday Malone is a depressing character
    • Two more questions from Turk

    Episode 114, “And Shepherds We Shall Be . . . ” (7/17/2019)

    In this episode, Zach, Ted, Erin, and Kristin invent a new product, relive the Y2K bug, and compliment glasses.

    Episode 113, “With Burt Lancaster as Arnold Kluck” (7/1/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Ted Kluck Q & A, part 2
    • Casting the Gut Check Movie
    • Essay Book update
    • officially breaks with the Klan
    • Brilliant new book idea
    • An accidental gay date

    Episode 112, “Dinner with Carman at the Apollo” (6/17/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Being Bi
    • @LukeWampus and staying power
    • Gut Check Legal Redux?
    • Ted Kluck Q&A, part 1

    Episode 111, “Stumbling Blindly through a Carnival House Full of Mirrors” (6/4/2019)

    You’re in the van with Ted and Zach as they discuss:
    • Readers Magnet’s Scammy Calls
    • Traffic Updates
    • Dobler vs. Halpert
    • Historical Hipsters
    • College Now vs. the '90s
    • Come on, 4thDave . . .
    • What changed about wrestling?

    Episode 110, “See You in Hell, Luke Wampus” (5/20/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Kickstarter Champions
    • Reign: Total Body Fuel Peach Fizz Flavor
    • Wrestlemania III
    • Gut Check Corporate 2-year plan
    • Actually, it’s mostly about Luke Wampus

    Episode 109, “Radio Ninjas” (5/14/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Kickstarter Champions
    • Mike Pence kerfuffle
    • The lost art of being a Midwesterner
    • The movie Vice defies being good
    • What Ted hates about 2019
    • Bad Times at the El Royale
    • Two middle-aged men making plans

    Episode 108, “Make No Mistake: Ted Wins” (4/30/2019)

    In this episode:
    • Horticulture and hereticulture
    • Energy drink review: Bang! Black Cherry Vanilla
    • The art of the TPR
    • Evolving Faith Conference

    Episode 107, “Where Everybody Shouts Your Name” (2/28/2019)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach—a couple of silver spoons—talk about the riveting topic of THE WEATHER, as well as classic TV and movies and the perpetual yearning for a clean, well-lighted place with no TVs and no inane music, where everybody knows your name

    Episode 106, “Dark Roots” (1/9/2019)

    In this episode:
    • A good and safe holiday season
    • A bad and dangerous energy drink
    • Two chapters of re:raptured again

    Episode 105, “Welcome to the Party, Pal!” (12/20/2018)

    It’s the 10th annual Gut Check Corporate Christmas party and you’re invited! Cue up your copy of Die Hard, sync up with us, and let’s enjoy the film together.

    Episode 104, “Erotic Levitation for Dummies” (12/10/2018)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss the newish Ethan Hawke vehicle, First Reformed.

    Episode 103, “Set List” (11/19/2018)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach explore the intersection of persona and old man stuff, fire up the randomizer, and explore the Internet together.

    Episode 102, “We All Have Stories” (11/12/2018)

    In this episode: Ted and Zach swap stories. They (the stories) aren’t great.

    Episode 101, “Two Tense” (10/9/2018)

    Bonus-ish ep from the wee hours of the morning, featuring two more chapters of re:raptured again.

    Episode 100, “Promos for Pyros” (9/3/2018)

    In this episode, a minor kerfuff, a major milestone, and some huge plans.

    Episode 99, “LaRusso” (8/24/2018)

    In this episode, Zach and Ted talk about The Karate Kid, Zach's new eBook, and old man stuff.

    Episode 98, “Kiss the Ring” (8/12/2018)

    In this episode: In this episode: coffee ultimatum, Karate Kid 3 revisited, Gut Check Literacy Month rolls on . . .

    Episode 97, “Bing! Bang! Popcorn!” (8/3/2018)

    In this episode, Zach and Ted talk to Tristin about John Cusack's best films.

    Episode 96, “You, Me, and Ben” (7/28/2018)

    In this episode, Zach and Ted discuss:
    • ARGO!
    • Video Stores
    • Desert Storm
    • Zach's new novel
    • Ted's new graphic novel
    • An older Gut Check Book
    • A Turd Remake

    Episode 95, “Strange Matter” (7/20/2018)

    In this episode:
    • A Gut Check Sex Scandal
    • Hipster Economies
    • Persona Reinventions
    • re:raptured again, Chapter 13: "The Villages".

    Episode 94, “Sluggish with Schwarma (Release Me)” (7/13/2018)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach dust off the randomizer, plan their funerals, and read four chapters of re:raptured again.

    Episode 93, “Tip of the Cap, Tip of the Iceberg” (7/6/2018)

    In this episode, Zach and Ted discuss:

    • The World Cup
    • The “Holy Shift” Tour
    • Deconstructing the Deconstructions
    • re:raptured again Chapter 8: “The Park Slope Writers' Collective”

    Episode 92, “Live in Studio” (6/28/2018)

    As the Summer of Gut Check continues, Zach and Ted talk inside voices, cigars, Ben Affleck, and a new Gut Check project.

    Episode 91, “16% Exotic Juices” (6/22/2018)

    As we begin the Summer of Gut Check, Ted and Zach talk Fashion, review an energy drink, and read two chapters of re:raptured again!

    Bonus Episode, “How Chicago Is” (4/25/2018)

    Experience the Doctrine and Devotion 2018 Conference (minus the conference) with Zach, Alex, and Johnny Sheks. Encounter a death jacket, a death blanket, and the Spirit of life.

    Episode 90, “Gut Check Smackademic” (4/9/2018)

    In this episode, Zach and Ted discuss Coen Brothers vs. Wes Anderson and compelling TV turds.

    Episode 89, “Fan Mail” (3/17/2018)

    In this episode:

    • Domestic Rappaport
    • Listener Pilgrimage
    • The Troy Duffy Letters
    • Fawning Reviews
    • Gut Check Quilt
    • Old man wounds

    Episode 88, “Woolery” (2/26/2018)

    In this episode:

    • Outfitting the Arnold Kluck Smoking Room
    • Being a non-wharf guy
    • Mystic Pizza analysis
    • TWO MORE re:raptured again chapters!

    Episode 87, “Nephew, in a Swag Sense” (2/6/2018)

    In this episode:

    • Peter Voth is the Guy Behind the Guy Behind the Reformation
    • Weird clicking
    • Gut Check Denim
    • Ted is power
    • Alternate timelines
    • TWO re:raptured again chapters!

    Episode 86, “Eighties-Ripped” (1/26/2018)

    In this episode:

    • Winter in Tennessee
    • Being 80s Ripped
    • Outrage Culture
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • The Ronnie Sabbatical Diet
    • Ted's Gramps was carved out of wood

    Episode 85, “Gut Check Sports” (1/11/2018)

    In this episode:

    • Road Trips
    • Gut Check Sports
    • The Guide to Everything
    • MissionalWear Update
    • Tops-Three of 2017

    Episode 84, “Old Man Windbreaker: A Study in Duality” (12/13/2017)

    In this episode:

    • Silverdome Nonplosion
    • Thor Ragnorok
    • New Gut Check Book Teaser
    • Benefits of a classical education
    • Shofar Update
    • More “Write Like a Man” Buildup
    • A Very Ronnie Christmas
    • Ted chats up the provost

    Episode 83, “The Chet Danburry of Podcasts” (11/20/2017)

    In this super-sized episode:

    • Zach is 'Troggesy
    • New Gut Check book
    • New details of a classic story
    • Mourning WarriorPoet
    • Celebrating CahonMan [SIC]
    • Write Like a Man Conference
    • The way the shoe business works
    • O Craptain, my Craptain!

    Episode 82, “The Ethan Hawke of Podcasts” (10/20/2017)

    In this episode:

    • Turning on Piper!
    • Calvinist Documentary!
    • MissionalWear!
    • Cajon-Man!
    • Jolt Cola!
    • Ryan Winslade!
    • Stranger Things!
    • Chris Walken!
    • Literacy Month!

    Episode 81, “C64” (9/27/2017)

    In this episode:

    • iTunes Reviews
    • Who is Cajon Man???
    • Launch of Gut Check Literacy Month, Mach 2
    • Mr. Shekels meets the Randomizer

    Episode 80½, “B-Sides” (9/1/2017)

    Some chaotic found-footage from our globe-trotting.

    Episode 80, “Signature Blend” (8/11/2017)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:

    • Give an Unbiased Review of Gut Check Blend Espresso (order here!)
    • Randomly Discuss Downton Abbey again, at length
    • Finish up Gut Check Literacy Month
    • Don't talk business or money
    • Ask: Has G-Co jumped the shark?
    • Have already eaten tacos

    Episode 79, “Nineties Studies” (7/30/2017)

    In this episode:

    • Healing your dirtbag wound
    • Energy drink Review: Juice Monster Pipeline Punch
    • The birth of a new mixed drink
    • Ted hates the Cranberries
    • Zach and Ted create an entire academic program in 25 minutes
    • Gut Check Espresso!!!!

    Episode 78, “Sultans” (7/11/2017)

    Back in the states, Ted, Zach, and Johnny Sheks debrief the Israel trip.

    Episode 77, ”Loose in the Roose” (6/21/2017)

    Israel, part 3. Terrible audio meets spectac content in the final Israel Bootleg Ep (this one not-so-live). Ted and Zach talk with Cliff Graham, Jay Casten, and a host of others. Excluse to the Roose!

    Episode 76, “Unshekeled” (6/4/2017)

    Israel, part 2. Ted and Zach sit down on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with Cliff Graham and Jay “Johnny Shekels” Casten to discuss Israel and work through some interpersonal stuff.

    Episode 75, “FERPA” (6/1/2017)

    Israel, part 1. Ted, Zach, and Kristin talk live in Tel Aviv about international travel, New York, and Marshalls.

    Episode 74, “All Out of Sorts” (4/26/2017)

    In this episode:
    • Energy Drink Review: Mossy Oak Pursuit Orange
    • Movie Review: Code of Honor (2016, Lion's Gate, 106 minutes, but only 90 minutes when you skip the strip club scene)
    • An opportunity lost
    • Scholarly white paper
    • Penultimate chapter of re:raptured

    Episode 73, “Can We Take You Higher?” (3/24/2017)

    In this episode:
    • Ted is an angsty teenaged girl and also a young, relevant dad
    • Smoking book hard cover
    • Cover reveals and dustjackets
    • Movies and shows that don't hold up
    • Reaching today's youth with the Nineties
    • Feminist deconstruction of children's shows

    Episode 72, “Screenwriting 101” (3/14/2017)

    In this episode:
    • Bromancing the 'Trogges
    • Buddy Cop Movies
    • The Shack movie
    • #TedLetsUsDown

    Episode 71, “Sprechen Sie Talk” (2/14/2017)

    Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels are two authors/business moguls. In this podcast, they chat about cigars, energy drinks, Israel, movies, white papers, bad internet connections, heartwarming stories, and writing.

    Episode 70, “Podcasting 101” (1/17/2017)

    In this episode, Ted has Zach Skype in as a guest for his J-term podcasting class, which they then record and call an episode.

    Episode 69, “Men of Letters” (12/22/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Gut Check Anniversaries
    • @TedKluckQuotes
    • New Die Hard Observations
    • The etymology of “Butt-hurt”
    • Webis Contest winners

    Episode 68, “To and Far” (12/13/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Cliff Graham talks Israel tours
    • Old phones and waterbeds
    • Lashing Update
    • Bad ear days
    • ’Trogges podcasting rollercoaster
    • Ted’s podcasting class
    • Gut Check Literacy Month

    Episode 67, “Sold Out” (11/23/2016)

    In this episode: We run the gamut of human emotion and indeed the entire human experience.

    Also, Webis is giving away some used books.

    Episode 66, “The One with the List” (11/14/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Nothing about the election
    • The Magnificent 7 is the perfect movie
    • Ted eats produce
    • Things get weird
    • Are Ted and Zach complimentarians?

    Episode 65, “Seedy Guys” (11/1/2016)

    In this episode:
    • CDs, VHS, and Beta Max
    • Ranking the Die Hard Movies
    • Energy drink review: Amp Strawberry Limeaid
    • Halloween costumes as a grownup
    • Ted is 109% heterosexual
    • Frank Turk: In Memorium
    • Re:raptured chapter 28, “The New Cool”

    Episode 64, “Is It DEAD?” (10/21/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Old man habits
    • Review: RIP IT Sting(er) Mo
    • Gut Check conquers Sweden
    • TV Crossovers
    • Awkward Silence
    • Return of the Randomizer
    • You’re a mysoginist pig

    Episode 63, “Tactical Lashing” (9/27/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Trogges the Circlemaker
    • Impetus to Tweet
    • Cliff Graham Training Debrief
    • Gut Check Army Forced Relocation
    • Silvedome vs. Gettys

    Episode 62, “A la Carte Blanche” (9/9/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Ted is wasting away
    • Energy Drink Review: Celcius Sparkling Cola
    • Smoke Room Update
    • Silverdome Movie Update
    • 'Trogges Update and Speculation
    • Speed Round Topics
    • re:raptured chapter 26, “I Believe I Can Touch the Sky”

    Episode 61, “You’re One of Them” (8/16/2016)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Get Busey analyzing Die Hard knockoffs
    • Savage Brain Toniq Tropical
    • Oughtta be hosting a podcast with that accent
    • Interview Bill Clay about Westwood Roastery
    • Read a chapter from their bestselling, award-winning, end-times novella re:raptured—now a major motion picture!

    Episode 60, “Asian Dawn?” (8/2/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Yerba Mate Culture
    • Chris Walken reads some tweets
    • Cigar review: Rocky Patel The Edge a10
    • Naming the new Cigar Room
    • Would it kill you to smile?

    Episode 59: “Card Table Time Machine” (7/29/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Thighs Not Touching
    • Rasta Energy Drink Review
    • All Kidding Aside, Ted Wishes There was Time Travel
    • Some Raw Publishing Talk
    • The rest of re:raptured chapter 23, "Dispen-Sensational"

    Episode 58: “Lack of Plot” (7/8/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Writing Awards
    • A Negative Review of Swingers
    • Where is Chris O’Donnel?
    • @GutCheckLegal is Hilarious.
    • #getTedonTwitter
    • Monster Gronk
    • re:raptured chapter 23, “Dispen-sensational”

    Episode 57: “Overkill” (6/28/2016)

    • A masterpiece of a one-star review
    • A super-confusing five-star review
    • Introducing classic movies to your kids
    • Introducing Ted to John Calvin
    • re:raptured chapter 22, “Overkill”

    Episode 56: “When Straw Men Attack” (6/21/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Praying and Podcasting
    • Podcast Deja Vu
    • James King Lays into Gut Check
    • Dusting off the Randomizer
    • Gut Check-Themed Wedding

    Episode 55: “The Opposite of Umbros” (6/7/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Villages debrief
    • Listener Tweets
    • Contest Winners
    • Umbros Update
    • Literacy Month

    Episode 54: “Diving In, Going Deep” (5/23/2016)

    • OliveTree Gets Up in Zach’s Kitchen
    • Babylonian Rejection Slips
    • Exit 59 Update
    • Ted looks into the dead eyes of his former self

    Episode 53: “Through the Transom” (5/18/2016)

    • Grown-up Birthdays
    • A love story from Down Under
    • James King attacks Gut Check
    • Potentially Sad Book Events
    • Nineties Movie Review
    • re:raptured chapter 19, “On the Run”

    Episode 52: “Mass Media Literacy” (5/8/2016)

    • Stranded in JoAnn’s
    • Finding new ’90s music
    • Tiny houses
    • Ideal man caves
    • re:raptured chapter 18, “Enraptured”

    Episode 51: “Podcast Reclaimers” (4/18/2016)

    • Trying to be Moleskin journal guy
    • The Happy Rant and These Go to 11
    • Church website sins
    • Gut Check Literacy Month, week 18

    Episode 50: “Radio, Not Television” (4/13/2016)

    • Failed attempt at using basic technology
    • Chuck Webis's Randomized Retrospective 50th Ep Remix
    • The holy grail of old electronics
    • Pomp and Circumstance
    • Fuller House gets the Downton treatment
    • Modest centerfolds
    • re:rapture Chapter 16, “When You're Teddy Strongbow, the Game Slows Down Considerably”

    Episode 49: “Yellow and Black Attack” (3/29/2016)

    • Minecraft is the new Pokemon
    • Sitting in rooms and listening to talks
    • CCM Where Are They Now?
    • Terry Crews can do anything
    • Loving bad movies
    • re:rapture Chapter 15, “Carhartt”

    Episode 48: “Isn’t It Ironic?” (3/15/2016)

    • Ted’s new sport
    • Listener reviews
    • Is Altrogge the most interesting man in the world?
    • A musical relic from Zach’s past
    • Final Downton debrief
    • re:raptured Chapter 14, "Things Get Real"

    Episode 47: “Beautiful-Baby” (3/7/2016)

    • Gut Check Dog tags
    • Pronouncing black Reformed names
    • Brittany Spears mics
    • A gross energy drink, reviewed
    • A Beautiful-Baby Baby Joins the World
    • Being post-evangelical
    • Gut Check Literacy Month, week 13
    • Do writers talk about writing too much?

    Episode 46: “Context” (2/25/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Soul-sucking conference
    • Bad Audio
    • Fawning Reviews
    • Football and nostalgia
    • Basketball, youth group, and gangs
    • Penultimate Downton Debrief
    • . . . Oh, and it's Rob Gordon.

    Episode 45: “Downer” (2/15/2016)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach are bummed and try to cheer each other up. It's honestly not that funny until they read Chapter 11 of re:raptured.

    Episode 44: “Hackers” (2/7/2016)

    In this EXCITING episode:
    • Zach does some “computer hacking”
    • Ted and Zach hack together segues
    • What/who is Cliff Graham hacking right now?
    • re:raptured chapter 10, “Seriously, Don’t Call Me Josh”
    • Plus, Ted DIES!
    • Or . . . Does He??

    Episode 43: “The World Is a Vampire” (1/31/2016)

    In this episode:
    • Ted and Zach again talk at length about Downton Abbey, while also being two men.
    • Donald Trump is scared of Megyn with a Y.
    • Bowling after sushi
    • Dueling Randomizers
    • Is Billy Corgan a Christian?
    • re:raptured chapter 9, “Hold That Thought”

    Episode 42: “This Is How the Sussage Is Made” (1/18/2016)

    In this episode:

    • What's lashed to Zach's bike?
    • Ted's movie project
    • New book and new promotion
    • End-of-year Booklists (unintentional Happy Rant overlap)
    • Making men talk vs. making men reflect
    • RIP Hans Gruber
    • Coining “impoignant,” “sadvy,” and “hacklashing.”
    • re:raptured chapter 8, “The Call”

    Episode 41: “Guess Who’s Back (Again)” (1/9/2016)

    In this episode:

    Episode 40: “The Jacob Hale Ep” (12/24/2015)

    In this episode:
    • A holiday celebration of some members of the Gut Check Army
    • The Gut Check Ball
    • A free cigar bonanza!
    • Speculation about Lightning7Wolf
    • A sobering realization about music and copyright
    • Zach gives Ted some pastoral advice
    • re:raptured chapter 6, “Rabbi Pastor”

    Episode 39: “The Ear Infection Episode” (12/15/2015)

    In this episode:
    • The unfortunate audio effects of Zach’s dying hard drive
    • Ted's rating on
    • Ground rules for hugs
    • Gut Check Podcast turns one!
    • re:raptured Chapter 5, “Human Interest”
    • Is Jack Chick still alive?

    Episode 38: “Magnets” (12/7/2015)

    In this episode:
    • Creepy vs. Legit Outreach Techniques
    • Bob the Tomato loves Ted
    • Shaping the Culture
    • Mission Statement Magnets
    • re:raptured Chapter 4: “What Are Your Options, Really?”

    Episode 37: “Homeschool Saves Lives” (11/30/2015)

    In this episode:
    • White Baby Boomers talking street
    • Happy Rant insider
    • Chaz Marriot update
    • re:raptured Chapter 3: Ironsides

    Episode 36: “It’s Monday” (11/23/2015)

    In this episode:
    • Hipster health food
    • Kayak Guy
    • Nigel Feaver
    • Sophomoric Indignation
    • Classic film adaptations
    • Ted's new book, Past Time
    • re:raptured Chapter 2, “Black Eyes”

    Episode 35: “Strongbow” (11/15/2015)

    In this episode:
    • ANOTHER huge announcement!
    • Kayaking for the indoorsman
    • Ted’s interview of Zach, without Zach
    • Ronnie Martin Happy Rant debrief

    Episode 34: “Relaunch” (11/6/2015)

    In this episode:
    • The Last Con relaunch
    • Michael Hyatt's hilarious tweets
    • Free writing as "promo"
    • Zach's failed attempt at tough love
    • Ted's failed attempt at boots
    • Smug Veteran Editor
    • New recurring segment

    Episode 33: “You Take the Bad” (10/23/2015)

    In this episode:
    • Bifurcated personas
    • The Rocky IV White Paper
    • The mystery of Blair on Twitter
    • Groundbreaking interview with The Church Curmudgeon
    • Cover options for the Gut Check Guide to Publishing

    Episode 32: “Passion Fruit Is the Street Name” (10/16/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • Men and their personas
    • Guru pomegranate energy water
    • Fruit (like, in general)

    Episode 31: “Cover that Face” (10/11/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach talk with Joe Thorn about:
    • Beards and tattoos
    • Cigars
    • Guns
    • New Calvinism
    • Church planting

    Episode 30: “Guru Energy Drink” (10/3/2015)

    In this episode:
    • Dead books on Amazon
    • A “Latin back tattoo” energy drink
    • Swanky gala debrief
    • Gauging podcast success (raw numbers & famous devotees)
    • Publishing 101: The life-cycle of a book proposal
    • Blue collar work and the artist's muse

    Episode 29: “Say Anything” (9/27/2015)

    In this episode:
    • Dead books on Amazon
    • A “Latin back tattoo” energy drink
    • Swanky gala debrief
    • Gauging podcast success (raw numbers & famous devotees)
    • Publishing 101: The life-cycle of a book proposal
    • Blue collar work and the artist's muse

    Episode 28: “Huge in Germany” (9/18/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • Webis as benevolent patron
    • West Coast energy drinks
    • The Ill-fated Gut Check Comic
    • Reviews of re:raptured
    • Why Turk is no longer a public person, but is still a snake-killing ferret (his words)

    Episode 27: “Orbit with Us” (9/11/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • What to discuss
    • Putting the pub back in publishing
    • Coffee bars in church
    • Is Ted a hipster? Is Ted on HuffPo?
    • Publishing 101: Right of First Refusal
    • A return celebrity tweet reader
    • Space Church

    Episode 26: “How You Like Us Now??” (8/28/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • Being a “storyteller”
    • New books galore!
    • Proper award ceremony etiquette
    • Odd pronunciations
    • The return of Mark Driscoll

    Episode 25: “Rebirth of GCP, Mach 2” (8/21/2015)

    Our twenty-fifth episode starts a new chapter in the Gut Check Empire; you are all present for the re-birth of Gut Check Mach 2 (and puppet show).

    In this ep, Ted and Zach reveal:

    • That Ted is, in fact, an old man with old man hobbies
    • That Zach is, in fact, a 52-year-old woman
    • That 85 degrees is the new definition of “brisk”
    • That there's no shame in a grown man watching HGTV

    Episode 24½: “Testing . . . ” (8/19/2015)

    Test Call: Ted and Zach test out some new call-recording software with mixed results.
    Real episode coming this Friday, 8/21..

    Episode 24: “The Cliff Graham Episode” (7/31/2015)

    The Cliff Graham Episode: Ted and Zach interview modern day legend Cliff Graham about the Christian music festival circuit and the glamorous life of the road author.

    Episode 23: “We’re Out of Order” (7/17/2015)

    In this final-but-not-exactly-final all-Michigan episode, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • The mysterious “Missing Episode”
    • Tim Tebow and evangelical hope
    • Whether “Mean People Suck”
    • A possible new Gut Check project
    • Setting their sites high for the first podcast sponsor

    Episode 22: “Our Worst Episode” (7/2/2015)

    Our worst episode ever!
    Having been monumentally bamboozled and disappointed, Ted and Zach glumly:
    • Review a couple cans of Venom: Mojave Rattler
    • Let a perfectly good interview fall into the chasm of limited bandwidth
    • Simultaneously introduce and cancel a new segment
    • Provide commentary on a Carman/Petra Teamup from '91

    Episode 21: “The Wind Beneath Our Wings” (6/17/2015)

    On this episode of the Gut Chuck Podcast:
    • Ted and Zach speculate, weirdly, about Cliff Graham
    • Why Kevin Costner is the worst actor of all time
    • Ted’s solemn vow to get the wah-wah-nah back
    • A conversation with the one and only Chuck Webis (over an increasingly rough Skype connection)
    • The official Gut Check summer reading list

    Episode 20: “Taco Tuesday!” (6/2/2015)

    It's Taco Tuesday, and Ted and Zach are:
    • Drinking Surge!
    • Talking with Frank Turk about his Internet persona
    • Discussing publisher royalty statements
    • Loudly eating and reviewing one dozen tacos

    Episode 19: “Caffeine x 2” (5/24/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Review a bottle of Jolt Cola
    • Explore a variety of '90s Christian music
    • Excerpt another chapter of To Hell with the Devil
    • Avoid discussing the Sad Impending Event

    Episode 18: “On the Road Again . . . ” (5/14/2015)

    Ted and Zach are out on the open road, discussing:
    • A heavenly piece of fine art
    • Christian sports biographies of the '80s
    • A new Gut Check book
    • Terry Silver's even-worse worst movie

    Episode 17: “Grizzled and Fresh-Faced” (5/5/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Analyze the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight
    • Showcase some more content from Chuck Webis Studios
    • Discuss author photos
    • Provide commentary on a 1980s Christian music video
    • Consider the age-old question: are floppy disks the solution to mankind's problems, or the gateway to Hades?

    Episode 16: “Wha-Wha-Nah!” (4/29/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Bail on a disgusting energy drink
    • Introduce you to the one and only Chuck Webis
    • Make some Dad-puns
    • Listen to Frank Turk talk about superhero sexuality
    • Yeah, you read that right...superhero sexuality

    Episode 15: “Praise and Arrows” (4/20/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach talk with bestselling author Cliff Graham about:
    • Publishing,
    • Amish novels and severed heads,
    • Manhood, and
    • Introducing himself as “the most polarizing man in Evangelicalism.”

    Episode 14: “Walmart-Famous” (4/13/2015)

    From a settee in a sunroom, Ted and Zach discuss:
    • Writing conferences
    • How to spot a predatory agent or editor
    • A little Chaz wisdom
    • An exciting upcoming guest
    • Being "Walmart famous"
    • The phenomenal success of re:raptured
    • Collecting the cell numbers of big-time authors

    Episode 13: “It’s All Happening” (4/1/2015)

    Gut Check, baby! In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Talk at length about the worst movie ever
    • Celebrate five years since their first book dropped
    • Announce the release of their newest book, re:raptured
    • Chat with internet legend Frank Turk about his latest piece on TeamPyro.

    Episode 12: “Electric, Joy” (3/24/2015)

    In this ep, Ted and Zach:
    • Experience energy drink déjà vu
    • Extend to you, the listener, the exclusive opportunity to send us crap from your basement
    • Interview music legend, author, and church planter, Ronnie Martin
    • Inexplicably don't promote any Gut Check books and, in fact, don't even mention the upcoming epic release of their new book, which drops on April 1

    Episode 11: “Waaaaait For It . . . ” (3/17/2015)

    As the Gut Check Army gains momentum, Ted and Zach:
    • Launch a fan sponsorship program
    • Discuss an upcoming title fight
    • Talk about Ted's first book, Facing Tyson and his newest book, The Drop Box
    • Receive some presidential visitors
    • Shamelessly pimp a couple Gut Check books

    Episode 10: “Now I Have a Podcast. Ho. Ho. Ho.” (3/9/2015)

    Ted and Zach:
    • Announce the official formation of the Gut Check Army
    • Interview the one and only Frank Turk
    • Talk author radio interviews
    • Discuss the initial germ of Zach's book, Playing Saint
    • Host a vice president of the Nakatomi Corporation
    • Review a disgusting energy drink

    Episode 9: “Wow!” (3/4/2015)

    Featured in this episode:
    • A terrible celebrity impersonation
    • A discussion of different author philosophies re: blurbs
    • Downton season wrap-up
    • An embarrassing accidental text
    • A catalog of crappy Nineties movies
    • Gut Check's financial non-policies
    • Our new favorite listener review

    Episode 8: “Don’t Call It a Comeback” (2/24/2015)

    In this episode, Ted and Zach:
    • Discuss winters in Michigan (i.e. depression, insomnia)
    • Interact with some fan (and not-so-fan) podcast reviews
    • Hear about Ted's latest (rather unusual) literary endeavor
    • Give a sneak peak at some Gut Check bonus content.

    Episode 7: “The Gut Check Army Wants YOU!” (2/11/2015)

    Ted and Zach are back in the capital city, at the luxurious Gut Check World Headquarters, which is in no way a dining room. This week, they:
    • Review a rather nostalgic-tasting energy drink
    • Take a rare look inside Zach's briefcase
    • Talk at length about Downton Abbey, while also being two men

    Episode 6: “Road Trip, part 2” (2/6/2015)

    In ROAD TRIP, part 2, Ted and Zach are still on location at Timothy's Fine Cigars in Bay City, Michigan, where they:
    • Demonstrate how annoying it sounds when you forget your headphones at home and turn the trim up way too high on the mic.
    • Interview their favorite tobacconist, Tim Socier
    • Knock out the second half of the Q&A from Ted Kluck's readers

    Episode 5: “Road Trip, part 1 ” (1/29/2015)

    We're back with ROAD TRIP, part 1. This week, Ted and Zach are on location at Timothy's Fine Cigars in Bay City, Michigan. There they cover:
    • What makes a good, solid cigar
    • What it's like to encounter 1-star reviews as an author
    • The first half of the Q&A from Ted Kluck's readers

    Episode 4: “Happy New Year! ” (1/1/2015)

    This week, Ted and Zach set out to solve a crime, but then get almost immediately sidetracked and talk about:
    • Zach’s ability to make energy drinks a grizzled old-man activity
    • A reboot of an old Gut Check project
    • The OWN network and what it is and what you can find on it and why that doesn’n't matter

    Episode 3: “Shut it down. Shut it down NOW.” (12/13/2014)

    Special “live remote” supplemental episode, from the Gut Check annual Christmas party in the Nakatomi Wing of Gut Check World Headquarters (i.e., a different side of Ted’s dining room table). Listen as Ted and Zach, with special guests Erin Bartels and Kristin Kluck (the Saucy Broad) talk about:
    • Their favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard!
    • Gut Check’s five-year anniversary and the five-year retrospective cheesy slideshow/video.
    • A new twist on an already-new classic segment

    Episode 2: “What’s Your RQ?” (12/10/2014)

    This week, Ted and Zach talk about:
    • Their flowery review of the "RockStar Bubbleberry" energy drink
    • Reformed white guys and Christian rap
    • How to figure your RQ (Reformed Quotient)
    • The best places to smoke cigars
    • How social media determines your actual value as a human being

    Episode 1: “Platform” (12/1/2014)

    This week, Ted and Zach talk about:
  • Indie publishing
  • The origins of Gut Check Press
  • The new “platform-building” satire, Mega: Get Noticed All the Time for Everything.